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actSo, I spent a lot of time reflecting on yesterday’s election results, but the the main take-away that I got from it is this: The System needs to change. Yes, racism played a part in Trump’s outcome. As did sexism, as did xenophobia, as did homophobia. All of those things are true. But there are two types of Trump supporters: The Deplorables(you know who they are) and the Brick Throwers. Now, the Brick Throwers are the ones that live in small towns and feel like the System has screwed them over for years. So, they turned to someone who has built his ENTIRE platform on NOT being The System. They were able to forgive the vile person that he is because they thought the brick through the window is better for the Greater Good. What they don’t see, and will be too late to realize, was that the brick was actually a grenade. A charlatan and a hateful fool. And, though I voted and supported her, there is no doubt that people on the left were against Hillary Clinton because she IS The System. Yes, sexism and institutionalized mysogyny played a major factor in their disliking of her, but it is also true that they believe The System is flawed and needs to be fixed.
I was talking to my Dad about this, but this is my generation’s chance to do what his generation did in the 1960’s. To BE a voice of the people. To BE active against hate. To BE real change. Art will grow more political in the next four years. It will do that naturally. It does this whenever there is political strife. But, Millennials, I implore you; take a stand. Not tomorrow, not a year from now, but TODAY. Every day. Be the voice of The Good. Participate in change. No longer shall we Share and Like photos and articles and call that activism. Go out, make a difference, action, DO THINGS. Fight, live, love. Be the generation that will be looked at by your children and grandchildren as people who fought for the world that they live in today. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be rough. But, this great nation of ours was not created in a day. But in small steps. That is what our Founding Fathers meant when they called it the “American Experiment.” These next four years are going to be scary, but I am also incredibly hopeful for the good that will come from it.