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ATTENTION EBOOK READERS! You can now purchase my new novel, WENDY & PETER, for $2.99 on Kindle via Amazon! See you on that second star to the right!
Wendy Darling hates her life. School feels like a prison, her parents don’t understand her, and she is buried by all the pressures that come with being a seventeen year-old girl. That is until she is visited by a red-haired boy who can fly. The boy named Peter tells her of a secret place, a magical island where there are no parents, no rules, and where children stay young forever. A place called: Neverland. Wendy, along with her younger brother John, are both whisked away to paradise where they discover fairies, mermaids, and pirates. Neverland is seemingly everything she ever wanted, but Wendy soon discovers something else is waiting under the surface of her new home. Beyond the magic and joy, lies a truth more dangerous, primal, and ancient than she could ever imagine. Both Wendy and John learn that there is always a price to pay for never having to grow up.

 A tale of the magic of youth and the death of innocence, Wendy & Peter is a dark and punk-rock take on a classic story. Enter Neverland at your own risk.

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